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Classical Musicians,

Meet Modern Marketing.

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Go from a site that doesn’t feel like you to passion your audience can see.


for musicians, by musicians.



You deserve a branded website

that actually feels like you,

looks good, and converts.

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We’ve seen first-hand how stressful and time-consuming it can be to try and DIY a website…. let alone one that sounds + feels like you, and brings you views from search engines like Google, and brings in bookings, and and and….!!

Take a deep breath, friend…. we know exactly how that spiral feels, we were there when we first started, too! And that’s exactly why we took our many years of experience and packaged it up for ya. That way you can finally exhale knowing you’re handing it off to someone that’s already done all the research and trial & error for you!

With our collective 20+ years of experience in branding, web design, and digital marketing – we take the overwhelm OUT of conversion-based web design so YOU can go back to your zone of genius.

Work with us and easily convert clicks to customers with a brag-worthy branded website that functions as your best unpaid salesperson.

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The Perfect Potion

for a branded website that lands you clients faster than Cinderella's glow-up.

Marketing Strategy + Sales Psychology

Custom Branding

Conversion-Based Design + Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization

Good news is...we mix in all of these ingredients to every single web design we do!


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01. Pick your package.

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02. Get the design you deserve.

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03. Attract and convert

your dream clients.


Pick your package!

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For when you want us to take it off your plate and handle it all for you!

Expertly crafted using SEO and sales psychology, your website will work hard for you as your best unpaid salesperson (while you stay in your zone of genius!) – we’re here to make sure your website brings you passive traffic from search engines and is set up to convert those browsers into buyers.


Because what’s the point of building a website if it’s just going to sit there collecting digital dust?

And what does it matter if you get traffic.... if it’s not the people you want to work with or people who will want to work with you?


That’s why we include SEO and branding in every package.


And unlike most website designers who build your website but then you have no clue how to use it….


We’ll always provide you with a FREE customized training video on how to use the backend of your site so you can feel confident and empowered keeping it up to date yourself (but if you ever want a hand, know we’re here for that, too).


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For the entrepreneur looking to DIY their site and know they’re doing it right!

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Custom created web designs using our signature Wix website templates - just swap in your photos, colors, & text and you’re good to go! Built using conversion-based formatting and conversion copywriting guidance, because you deserve a website that works for you.


For the entrepreneur looking for a custom branded website using one of our NR Media Wix website templates….built just for you!

Personalized website design based on your brand identity and vision, built using one of our custom Wix website templates.


Intentionally designed with conversions in mind, your website will automagically attract the audience you want and turn them into purchasers.


Plus, no more blank-page-itis with our conversion copy guidance! We make it easy for you by providing an editable Google Doc of your entire website with guidance on what to say, where. Just fill it in and send it back!



For the entrepreneur who wants a completely custom experience that will knock yours and your audience’s glass slippers off.

Completely customized brand & website design based on your unique personality, your audience, and your offerings.


To set you up for long-term success you’ll work with business coach & marketing strategist, Nicole Riccardo, aka the NR in NR Media. In this exclusive 1:1 business and brand messaging strategy session, you’ll learn how to speak to your exact ideal audience so we can convert them from browsers to buyers, and also build out a product suite that reflects your customer’s journey for increased customer retention!


Oh, and P.S. stop stressing over what to write or how to check your grammar…. because this full-service package includes conversion copywriting, completely done-for-you!

Starting at $4,000

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Nicole and her team are awesome! I couldn’t be happier with my rebrand and new beautiful website. They’ve really made my vision come to life! They went above and beyond, giving helpful tips and insight into how to create something that not only looks great but functions well. The process was exciting and seamless. I highly recommend these talented ladies to anyone looking to upgrade their online presence!

You don’t have to do it alone!

Our team has spent years learning about marketing, sales psychology, SEO, and conversion-based web design so that you don’t have to.


And we believe that one size doesn’t fit all – which is exactly why everything we do is uniquely custom & branded to YOU.


So if you’re looking to skip the overwhelm and work with a team that’s as passionate about your business as you are…. spoiler alert: that’s us.


BUT ENOUGH ABOUT US. We want to know about YOU.


Pop on over to our client application and tell us about your vision because we specialize in taking all those big ideas and turning them into reality!

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