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Q: Why Wix?

Simplicity. Everything about Wix is simple. We've seen and heard every horror story there is when it comes to client websites. Do you want to be able to actually USE your website when it's done? That's why we choose Wix. Because you can. You won't be left in the dark the way you would be if we built your website on another platform. Guaranteed.


Q: If Wix is so easy to use, why do I need you?

In a word...EXPERIENCE. Our team has spent years learning about SEO and conversion design. If you knew how to do all that, you could do it. But that's not your thing. It's ours. Not only will we create a beautifully branded website (way better than anything you try and DIY), we'll make sure your website is optimized to be found on Google by your ideal clients, and we'll go a step further so your website is formatted to actually convert those visitors into paying clients.


Q: What costs are there besides your fees?

We're happy to disclose all costs up front when you choose to become our client as it depends on the scope of your project. The cost for Wix is between $14 and $29 per month depending on the plan you choose. In addition, many of our clients choose to use an email broadcast/autoresponder service which is usually between $19 and $50 a month depending on the vendor.


Q: Will you supply photography for my website? Or do I need my own?

You can do one or both. We're happy to supply photos for an extra fee, and we are happy to use the photography you bring to us. Keep in mind, we are counting on you to make sure any photography you supply is legal to use.

Q: What kind of timeline am I looking at for my project?

We're pretty sure you hear this all the time...but it really depends on the project. If you're looking for wham bam thank you ma'am, we're not that. We pour an enormous amount of creative energy and love into every single project we take on. Our typical timeline for websites is 12-18 weeks, and our typical timeline for graphic design collateral is anywhere between 2-8 weeks. We're happy to quote a timeline when you submit your project request.


Q: I already have a logo and/or brand materials. Can I use it if I hire you?

We’re straight shooters: If we think your logo and/or brand materials are baller, we’ll use them. But if we don’t and you’re really attached to them, we’ll send you on your way. We can’t put our stamp of approval on work we can’t get behind. That’s just how we roll.


Q: Do I have to build an entire website with you, or can I just get smaller stuff done (business cards, notecards, etc.)?

Smaller stuff is great. We love doing all kinds of print materials and we especially love strategizing with you to come up with something super snazzy that helps you achieve the result you're looking for!


Q: As a social media manager, do you take my photos and write my captions for me?

Photography and caption copywriting are included in some of our packages, but not all. However, everyone’s needs are different so we love creating custom package options to fit your needs! Just reach out and let us know your needs and budget, and we’d be happy to put together some options for you.


Q: How does it work when you write social media captions? Do you do it all on your own, or is it a collaboration with me?

Our work process is done on a batching system, meaning we dedicate a block of time to writing all of your captions in one sitting each month. After we write them, we send them over to you for approval and to make any necessary tweaks or edits you would like. You have one week to make your edits and approve, then we get everything formatted and scheduled to post! We know that there are often upcoming events, announcements, launches, etc. so we just ask that you let us know about all upcoming pertinent dates or anything you would like a specific post on prior to your monthly batch day. Once you’re part of the fam, we will let you know what day each month we will need any and all materials and requests by.


Q: If I do a social media package that does not include enough photos taken by you to fill my entire month, where do you get the rest of the photos to post on my account?

We will use a combination of photos you may already have and reposts of photos that are in line with your feed aesthetic.


Q: How will I know if what you are doing with my social media accounts is working?

When we begin our work together, one of our top priorities is figuring out and understanding what your goals are not only for your social media, but for your business. It might be simply gaining more followers, or it could be building an engaged online community that will increase your sales when you launch new products. We’re not here to just make your feed look beautiful and come up with great captions - we’re here to help you strategize and make sure that every single thing we do is intentional and will help you reach your end goals. Seeing if things are working, then, really depends on your goal. If you’re looking for follower growth, you’ll see it’s working as you watch that follower count increase knowing you’ve gained a new excited potential customer. We just ask that you communicate your marketing plans, sales, announcements, ideas, etc. as early as possible - because the more time we have to craft social campaigns around these, the more effective we can be in helping you convert! 


Q: Why can’t I just hire an intern or virtual assistant to run my social media? They’re much cheaper.

As our moms always get what you pay for. ;) The difference we provide is that we are actual marketers. Sure, many people know how these social media platforms work, and can take a pretty picture or write a caption. However, that’s not the same thing as knowing how to work in these things strategically as part of an overall marketing strategy or campaign. We also utilize conversion based copywriting techniques so your captions are not only crafted to capture attention, they’re crafted to convert. Collectively we have over 20 years experience aka we know what the heck we’re doing, and we want to use it to help you grow your biz and bottom line!


Q: How does payment work?

For websites and graphic design projects, we begin your project with a deposit upfront. We do offer payment plans and are happy to discuss that with you once we know the scope of your project.

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