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Bernard H. Flythe Professional Tubist and Clinician | Website Design

We’re thrilled to share our latest website design for professional tubist, teacher, and clinician, Bernard H. Flythe! 

Besides all of his professional accomplishments, Bernard is also one of the most caring and compassionate people we have ever met, so we wanted to design a website to reflect that side of him!

Our goal for this site was to take the many services Bernard offers, from orchestral performances to high school low brass sectionals and beyond, and lay it out in a way that clearly shows this variety while still maintaining a friendly UX design (fancy word for user experience⁣)!

This design utilizes an extended version of our Artist Template created for professional classical musicians to showcase their performances, recordings, and help them book workshops and speaking engagements. Since Bernard is also an avid teacher and can be found leading summer band camp sectionals, we also wanted to include a page dedicated to his tuba and euphonium studio!

It is rare to come across an artist who does SO many things this well, which is why during the building and design process we constantly checked in on the navigation, front end user side, and mobile view to make sure that everything was laid out clearly and was simple to navigate.


To see his full website visit!⁣

Ready for a badass site of your own? Send us a message, we can’t wait to work with you! ⁣

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