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Caitlin Kramer Professional Oboist and Teacher | Website Design + Branding

We’re so excited to share our website design for professional oboist, teacher, and reed maker, Caitlin Kramer!

Caitlin has worked incredibly hard to build a thriving, inviting and nurturing oboe studio in Las Vegas and Kalamazoo, Michigan, so we wanted to design a website to reflect that!

We’re also totally obsessed with the beautiful branding of this site done by our in house graphic designer, Jolene Madewell. It also was designed to provide inquiring oboe students with all of the information they could need and give them a sneak peak of what working with Caitlin will be like! ⁣

Because your site should do more than just be pretty.

When we first met with Caitlin, we thoroughly went through everything that she felt was important to showcase on her website for inquiring students. The major benefit to this not being a DIY site was that along with Caitlin's knowledge, we were able to use our expertise of both the classical music industry and digital marketing to create a responsive, user-friendly, and conversation based website design.

When you're looking for a website design team, of course it's important to make sure your values align and the packages are within your budget, but it's also important to make sure they are familiar with your industry. Our team is not only made up of all digital marketers and website designers, but professional classical musicians as well! So when you work with us you can feel relief knowing that we specialize in website designs for musicians by musicians.

To see her full website visit!⁣

Ready for a badass site of your own? Send us a message, we can’t wait to work with you! ⁣


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