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Caitlin Kramer | One Year Website Celebration

Get out your party hat and pop that champagne because today we are celebrating the 1-year mark of Caitlin Kramer's website!

Caitlin, aka Oboe Mom, is one of the kindest individuals you'll ever meet -- the perfect combination of supportive and holding you to excellence. When we met with Caitlin to hear about her vision for this website, it was clear that her site should reflect those aspects of her! Keep reading to hear about all of the opportunities her website has provided her with in this past year!

1). Tell us about yourself! What do you do? I’m Caitlin Kramer, a freelance oboist and teacher based in Southwest Michigan. I primarily work with Middle and High School oboists (right now mainly virtually through private oboe lessons) but also as an artist in residence for a few local school districts and also as an outreach teacher through the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. I have performed with a ton of celebrities on the Las Vegas Strip, but also many more “typical” gigs like church performances, weddings, orchestras, chamber music, etc. Recently I have been doing a lot of masterclasses for friends, particularly college oboe studios explaining how to start and maintain a private studio. I have also been testing out a purely personal, fun creative outlet with some graphic art diagramming oboe information, music quotes, and other oboistic inspiration. It’s fun to try something new, but also related to what I am trained to do professionally! 2). What are 3-5 words you would use to describe yourself and your brand? Warm, Inviting, Personal, Genuine 3). Why did you want a new website? I really wanted a new website because I had just made the abrupt transition to a new area of the country. It is so interesting the way that cities can vary in terms of their arts cultures, and so I really wanted to launch into this new area and time of life with all of the support that I could afford myself. 4). What differences have you noticed now that you’ve had your new website for a whole year? I get so many compliments on my website! People really seem to ENJOY visiting it and viewing it. I get a lot of traffic on it after I do a masterclass or meet new people, and I like that it is so easy for them to get ahold of me and even visit my Etsy shop if they’d like to. It also helps me FEEL professional and put together- I just love it. 5). What’s your favorite part about your new site? I love the aesthetic, the features, and the organization. It is so easy to get the information that people are looking for in a very PLEASANT way! 6). If you had to give anyone advice about going through the website design process, what would you tell them? Be yourself, and don’t be afraid to display that!


To see her full website visit

Ready for a badass site of your own? Send us a message here, we can’t wait to work with you!


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