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Gaby Alvarado | One Year Website Celebration

Launching a website is a big freakin' deal and we believe in celebrating those moments because we know just how hard you worked to get to this point in your career!

Whether you worked your caboose off creating it yourself or if you hired a boss babe team of website designers to do it for you, it's important to celebrate what your website has helped you accomplish! Today we are celebrating the 1-year mark on Gaby Alvarado's website -- read about what's happened in her year below!

1). Tell us about yourself! What do you do? I am a baroque and modern flutist based in the DFW area. Half of my time is spent teaching privately and giving masterclasses both on modern and baroque flutes. I have a passion for bringing classical music to nontraditional places and my mission is to make classical music accessible and relatable to everyone. In addition to my teaching I design interactive concerts that bring to live underrepresented composers. I am passionate about art activism and raising awareness for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and musicians with disabilities. I serve as the Vice president of the Texas Flute Society. 2). What are 3-5 words you would use to describe yourself and your brand? Bright, Colorful, Classy, Simple, ME :) 3). Why did you want a new website?

At the time I reached out to NR Media (Taylor) I was ready to upgrade my online presence. I wanted a website that really represented me and the work I do. While I have some knowledge about websites, it makes a huge difference to work with a team that helps you see the big picture and advises you on how to organize the information you want in your website. I wanted something that reflected my bubbly personality but also the serious commitment I have towards all my projects and teaching. I am extremely happy with the result! 4). What differences have you noticed now that you’ve had your new website for a whole year? I was able to book three baroque flute students and was invited to present at two international festivals. These people found me online and used my website to reach out to me. I have been complimented on interviews for it and twice I have been told that my online presence helped me advance to the next round. I was recently voted in to be a board member for the International Alliance for Women in Music and many of the comments were about how professional and fresh my website was. 5). What’s your favorite part about your new site? My favorite part of my website is that it really looks like me. But of course, I think my flute lessons page is what i am most proud of. 6). If you had to give anyone advice about going through the website design process, what would you tell them?

Prepare the content you would like in it ahead of time. Ask questions, your team is there to guide but they are not mind readers. Communicate clearly what you want, I am sure your website team will do anything to get you the product you so wish for!


To see her full website visit!

Ready for a badass site of your own? Send us a message here, we can’t wait to work with you!


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