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Sandy Kipp Iles: Flutist, Educator, Arranger | Custom Branding and Website Design

Sandy Kipp Iles is an incredible flutist, educator, and arranger in the Northridge, Glendale, and Los Angeles area and the founder of Iles Music Publishing, and we are thrilled to showcase her custom branding and website design project!


Custom Branding & Logo Design

Brand Words: Professional, Passionate, Kindness, Playful, Intelligent, Artistic, Inspiring

Goals: Capture a professional yet inviting and fun feeling that Sandy brings to her work.

In her own words:

"My mission is to inspire musicians to find their unique artistic voice and to encourage others to allow music to enhance their confidence, increase their joy, and improve their lives. I believe there is a place in everyone's life to study and play music."

Branding design should reflect the vision and goals for your brand overall, appeal to your ideal audience, and feel personal to you. We incorporated Sandy's favorite colors (dusty rose and lavender) and hand-drawn botanical accents as a personal touch, and aimed to capture an overall feeling of sophistication.


Custom Website Design

Sandy's website utilizes a completely custom design to showcase her services and work as a teacher, arranger, and performer. The primary goals of her website are directing visitors to learn more about private lessons, her (AWESOME) etude books, and the Sterling Flute Choir.

Her professionalism, dedication and warmth are apparent from the words of her students' testimonials seen throughout the site.

When balancing several services, products, or site goals, keeping the navigation clear and simple is always a priority. A secondary footer navigation offers further clarification and ease.

As with all of our website projects, we prioritized clear, effective, and organized website copy, optimized for mobile and SEO (because we want your people to find you!), and incorporated thoughtful site organization and best conversion practices.

Explore the complete site!

Ready for a badass site of your own? Send us a message, we can’t wait to work with you! ⁣


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