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​​All About Social Media Content Pillars

With the million and one things you need to do for your business, the task of figuring out what to write and post for your social media accounts can be a real struggle. We’ve totally been there! And that’s where your content pillars come in.

Once you’ve got your social media content pillars down, you’ll never have to spend what feels like a lifetime staring at a blinking cursor on a blank screen wondering what the heck to even say ever again.

And lucky for you, we’re going over how to come up with your content pillars for social media and how to use them to create your actual content in today’s blog post.

Now let’s dive right in!

How To Build Unforgettable Social Media Content Pillars

To start, what even are social media content pillars?? Your social media content pillars are the 5 big things you’re going to rotate between so that way you can streamline your process, devote more energy to creating juicy content, and become memorable for those topics.

More specifically, your content pillars are going to be the 5 things that you’re most knowledgeable on, passionate about, want to be associated with and known for, and most importantly…. directly relevant to who you are as a person and whatever it is that you’re trying to make money doing.

The best part is that when you talk about the same topics regularly (aka your content pillars for social media), not only will those things become what you’re known for, but they will also make you memorable! And easy to remember means easy to talk about which means word-of-mouth traffic. Win, win, win!

Now before you panic and think there’s no freaking way you can narrow it down to just 5 things, take a deeeep breath, my friend. As multi-passionate creative people ourselves, we know how hard it can be to niche down and choose those dreaded “labels.” But here’s the thing…. people will categorize you no matter what, so you might as well tell them what you want to be known for!

So, let’s build those pillars! And again, it should go without saying, but all of your social media content pillars should be directly relevant to the product or service that you offer OR who you are and what you want to be known for.

Here are some questions to help get you started!

  1. What core values and beliefs do you have that are relevant to your dream clients?

  2. What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes that will help you to connect with your dream clients?

  3. If your business was a magazine, what five categories would be in it?

Once you’ve jotted down your ideas, comb through the list and pick out the 5 broad categories that you feel are most representative of you and your offer, are things that you want to be known and remembered for, and also align with your dream clients! The key here is to keep it broad. For example, “mindset” is 100% a valid and workable social media content pillar if that’s an important aspect to you and your brand.

And remember, as you grow and evolve so will your brand and business, and your dream clients likely will as well. So, don’t get stuck because you think you’ll have to stick to these forever. Because the beautiful thing here is you’re not outside with your hard hat and pouring cement and building an actual concrete pillar. You’re building social media content pillars, which can easily be changed and updated. These are not, and will never be, set in stone.

How To Create Juicy Content Using Social Media Content Pillars

Now that you’ve chosen your content pillars for social media, it’s time to start actually creating that content! And we know there’s a bunch of blogs out there that you probably already read that gave you those basic ideas like “do a behind the scenes” or “talk about why you started your biz,” which sure…. you can post about those things.

But if we’re being honest here, you can only post about that kind of stuff so many times before it gets old and you’re left throwing up inspirational quotes you found on Pinterest that don’t actually help you sell anything. And that’s why we’re going to talk about the STRATEGY behind your posts now.

For example, one of our social media content pillars is websites (who woulda thought?? lol) but we can approach this topic in infinitely different ways because there are so many different strategies we can take when writing about them!

Here are 3 easy strategies that you can use to create content with your social media pillars:

1. Educate

Educate your dream clients with something they’d want to know about. Bonus points if you can also use it to make them see the value in your offers. For example, if you’re a mindset coach, you might reveal some tips that’ll give your audience a quick win so that they see the value of what it would be like to work with you for even bigger wins.

2. Entertain

Entertain your people and don’t be afraid to crack a joke! People love to laugh. Just make sure it’s relevant to your offer and/or your dream clients. For example, if you’re a yoga teacher, you might make an Instagram Reel doing yoga poses with a dog.

3. Empower

We love to empower people to take action with something they’ve been struggling with! These types of posts should help your dream clients get past a limiting belief that might have otherwise stopped them from investing in your services or product. For example, if you coach musicians on their career paths, you might make a carousel with a list of signs that they’ve “made it” with the purpose of showing them that who they are is more than enough.

Now combine these 3 strategies with your 5 social media pillars and (assuming you post 3 times per week) you now have content ideas for more than a month!

But if you’d like more help with your social media content strategy, we gotchu.

Click here to apply to work with us now because you deserve a social media presence that matches the badass business owner that you are!


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