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Which Website Design Package Is Right For You?

You deserve a branded website that feels like you, looks good, and converts.

There are more than a billion websites out there in the world and that means there are also more than a billion ways to design a website. So, how do you know what kind of website design package is the right one for you?

Should I do it myself with a website template?

Should I go with a custom website design package?

And what exactly do those things even include?

Take a deeeep breath because that’s what today’s blog post is for!

Keep on reading to find out what you get with our website templates, our starter and custom website design builds, AND which one is the right website design package for you and your unique business needs.

Website Templates

Investing in a completely customized branded website design package is often not an option when you’re in the early stages of your business. And that’s where website templates come in!

Website templates are a great option for business owners on a budget as they only cost a few hundred dollars (compared to the few thousand dollars that a more customized website design package will cost you - and we’ll be talking more about what those look like later.)

Yes, you could just use a free website template. But this is going to cost you more in the long run. Because when you choose a website template, you’re not only choosing to invest your money in it but your time, too.

To customize almost any website template, you’re going to need to change all the colors, fonts, and images on your own. And even if you just leave all that stuff as is (which we DON’T recommend - add your own branding in there, please!), you’ll at the very least need to input some words of your own.

But if you pay for a website template… you can get a bit more assistance with some of those aspects.

For example, all of our website templates come with conversion copywriting guidance that tells you exactly what to say and where to say it. We also include a custom training video showing you exactly how to edit and use your new template. And we even throw in a step-by-step SEO Guide so you can be found on Google.

At the end of the day, free website templates just aren’t going to be built out with the same kind of love and care that paid ones are.

Shelby said, “The studio template was so easy to use and is gorgeous with very little editing needed. I was able to plug in all of my photos and website copy and felt an extra boost of confidence thanks to the copy suggestions built into the template. Building a website can be super intimidating and this template made it so much easier and gave me the confidence to get the word out there about my studio. Having a website really makes it "real" and having a STUNNING website thanks to NRMedia makes it that much better. I highly recommend this template and really any other product from Nicole Riccardo and her amazing team!”

(Psttt….click here to shop our collection of website templates designed to convert.)

Website Design Packages

If you’re looking to design your website yourself or need a more affordable option at this time, a website template is the best choice for you.

But if you’re looking for a website designer to do it with you or do it for you… that’s where a website design package comes in.

We currently offer two types of website design packages, and they both include the following:

  • Domain + Google Analytics Setup

  • Mobile + Search Engine Optimization

  • UX + Responsive Design

  • Linking to Social Media Platforms + Facebook Pixel Setup

  • Keyword Research

  • A customized training video on the backend navigation of your new website!

And by the way, unlike most web designers, we also brand everything we do. So if you’re in need of a new logo design, color palettes, fonts, etc. - that’s always included, too. ;)

Starter Website Design Package

The first website design package we offer is our starter website build. This package starts at $2,600 and includes brand design and one of our custom website templates personalized for your needs.

The build comes with four pages and an editable Google Doc template overview of your entire website, with guidance on what to say and where. Just fill it in and send it back - we’ll plug it directly into your website design for you!

And of course, all of our website design packages can and will be customized to your needs. So, if you need more pages OR rather us write all your copy for you….we can do that, too. It’s just gonna cost ya a bit more. :)

Custom Website Design Package

The second website design package we offer is our custom website build. And when we say custom - we 100% mean it.

This full-service website design package starts at $4,000 and comes with all the juicy goodness that NR Media has to offer: brand design, business and brand messaging strategy, conversion copywriting done for you, and a completely custom website built uniquely for you.

To set you up for long-term success you’ll work with business coach & marketing strategist, Nicole Riccardo, aka the NR in NR Media. In your exclusive 1:1 business and brand messaging strategy session, you’ll learn how to speak to your exact ideal audience so we can convert them from browsers to buyers, and also build out a product suite that reflects your customer’s journey for increased customer retention!

Wondering What It’s Like To Work With Us?

Our team's brilliance coupled with maximum efficiency is how we make the magic happen for our clients. We move your project through our signature process and stay in touch throughout to ensure a result you LOVE.

Chelsea said, “Nicole and her team are awesome! I couldn’t be happier with my rebrand and new beautiful website. They’ve really made my vision come to life! They went above and beyond, giving helpful tips and insight into how to create something that not only looks great but functions well. The process was exciting and seamless. I highly recommend these talented ladies to anyone looking to upgrade their online presence!”

Cory said, “Taylor made everything so easy for me, and my website is SO awesome, way beyond what I could have imagined! She was so responsive and quick with my questions and little tweaks, and just so helpful and supportive. Her tutorials are so easy to follow, too, I feel like I can easily make changes going forward on my own if I need to. Thank you all so much for your amazing work!!”

(Psttt….we’re happy to customize any of our website design packages specifically for your goals and needs, just let us know!)

What’s Next?

Well, now that you know what your options are….there are only three steps to take:

  1. Pick your website design package.

  2. Get the website design you deserve.

  3. Attract and convert your exact dreamboat clients.

Ready to get started? Send us a message here because we can’t wait to turn your website dreams into reality!

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08. März

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24. Apr. 2023

I've been in the design business for quite a long time and have created quite a few websites myself. I can share my work, just make a recording of my screen with this and show you some examples. Maybe this video will be useful to someone and you can create a unique design.

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24. Apr. 2023

Thanks for post

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11. Okt. 2022

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11. Okt. 2022

While working on the website always make sure that your website design must be unique as it can decide how attractive your website is and it will add great impact on the person who will visit the website.

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