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How To Instantly Improve Your Website Homepage Design

Asking this because we care:

Is your website’s homepage designed to attract your dream customers and convert them into clients?

Because here’s the thing….

If you’re going to spend all that time DIYing your website, you probablyyyyy want to make sure it's going to bring you traffic and income, yeah?

And trust us, we get it. This website design stuff can be super confusing, and there's like a never-ending list of stuff to do! But before you have a panic attack.... you know we gotchu.

Are you ready to design a website homepage that your exact dreamboat clients won’t be able to take their eyes off of? Then keep on reading for 5 ways to instantly improve your website homepage design today!

1. Make sure the menu in your header is easy to navigate.

You’ve got less than a second when someone lands on your website for them to decide whether or not they’re staying or leaving. If someone can’t quickly find the information they’re looking for on your website…. you can bet they’ll be clicking that back button and moving on to your competitor’s site fast.

The key to a good navigational menu for your website homepage design is simplicity. Be very clear about what each page is and keep your options as close to 5 or fewer as possible. Anything more will just confuse and overwhelm your visitors.

So, the next time you get a chance, take a peek at your menu and merge any similar options into a single option with a dropdown. And don’t list out your homepage either. They’re already on it! (And you don’t have to list the homepage on the menu on your other web pages either. Just link your logo to redirect back to your homepage because that’s what people nowadays expect the logo on a website to do anyways.)

2. Use the same language as your exact dreamboat clients.

When you design a website homepage, your exact dreamboat clients should feel like you’re speaking directly to them. They should be thinking, "Omg it's like you're in my head!” And the best way to do that? Use their exact language.

Chances are the way you words things are slightly different than the way they do. So, the next time you’re on a 1:1 call with a client, or in a group coaching session, or whenever you’re asked a question in general by a client…. write it all down verbatim!

Keep track of their pain points in whatever format works for you. Then, take a look back at the words you’re using in your website homepage design (and the rest of your website really) and see if there’s anywhere you can plug in their exact words and phrases. This is how you’ll attract your dream clients directly to you and let them know you're the absolutely perfect person to help them with their problem because spoiler alert: you are.

3. Sprinkle in some social proof.

Social proof is crazy powerful! In fact, adding social proof (like testimonials and reviews) is one of the best ways to persuade someone you’re worth working with. It’s literally sales psychology. Think about it. When was the last time you bought something online before reading reviews from others if it was worth the purchase?

But don’t make the mistake of putting all those juicy testimonials and social proof on just one page. It’s kind of like salt. You wouldn’t eat salt all by itself, would you? Blegh. But when you sprinkle it throughout your food it’s freaking delicious! And it’s the same way with your testimonials, so sprinkle them throughout your website instead of putting them all in one place. Add a little to your homepage website design, add some more to your about page, and don’t forget about those sales pages either.

And if you’ve worked with any brands that your dreamboat clients might recognize, don’t be afraid to name drop them and throw their logos on your page in a little strip (with their permission, obvi).

4. Include a lead magnet.

If you don’t already have an email list for your business, you miiiight want to make one now. Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay top-of-mind with your ideal clients. That way when they’re ready to buy the thing you sell, they’ll think of you first! So, if you want to build up your email list (and spoiler alert: you do), including a lead magnet in your website homepage design is a great way to do just that.

Lead magnets (also known as freebies because, well, they’re free!) come in many forms. But they all have the same thing in common: they’re an incentive for your dreamboat clients to give you their email in exchange for a free download.

Here are some popular ideas to use to create your lead magnet for your website homepage design:

  • Quiz

  • Challenge

  • eBook

  • Guide

  • Resource Library

  • Swipe File

  • Workbook

  • Video Training

  • Mini-Course

  • Checklist

  • Cheatsheet

  • Template

  • Discount Code

  • Consultation

5. Call your visitors to action!

This might just be the most important thing you’ll do when you design a website homepage. When you include a CTA (or Call To Action) in your website homepage design, you are asking your visitors to literally take a specific action. This could be to download a lead magnet, visit your services page, fill out a client application form, whatever it is that you want them to do next!

The key here is to nail down one ultimate goal for your website. What do you want them to do if they only do one thing? Once you’ve got your answer, take some time to think about the path you want people to take after they’ve landed on your homepage, and use your ultimate goal to guide you when designing it.

Most importantly, never let one single person visiting your website wonder what the heck they’re supposed to do next when they reach the bottom of a page! And here’s what we want you to do next. ;)

Click here to work with us now because your website deserves a Cinderella-style transformation that will knock your (and your dream clients) glass slippers off!


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