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Custom Website Design & Branding

Why They Hired Us: They wanted a website and branding that would reflect how musicians can get out of the cycle of self criticism and get back to making music.

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"Nicole and her team are the BEST. I’ve been working with them for a few months to launch my business, and their support has been so incredible. Every step of the way they have been so helpful and detailed in their work, from Jolene’s gorgeous designs to Taylor’s stellar website expertise to Nicole’s amazing ideas and guidance. They’re super responsive for anything I need, and they are so good at making sure I know how to handle things like website edits once our contract is finished. As a woman launching my own business, it’s so wonderful to know that this women-run team has my back, I’m so excited to be able to hire women in this industry! I really can’t recommend them highly enough."

-Cory Barger

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