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We know this isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but it’s important you read everything below carefully. If you have any questions at all, please email us at


Branding + Website Designs


  • The branding process cannot begin until we have all the information requested from you in the brand identity questionnaire.


  • If your materials are not received by your set due dates (including branding questionnaires, revision feedback, website copy, etc.), your project will be pushed back at our discretion. We have multiple clients at a time so adhering to due dates is critical to keep your project on track.


  • When your project start date begins, please be on standby. We do not recommend scheduling your branding or website design project during a busy time or a time when you will be traveling, as we will need prompt replies and approvals from you on your materials and design drafts. If we don’t hear from you within 3 days of any correspondence, your project will be pushed back at our discretion. No exceptions.


  • We cannot start your project until our contract is signed and the deposit is paid.


  • We are not responsible for the purchase of your domain or hosting. This is solely your responsibility.


  • Once we complete your primary logo design, you are entitled to two revisions. When we complete your branding guide board, you are entitled to one revision. 


  • We encourage your input during the design process, and we also understand opinions can change. However, once the branding and/or site design is complete, redesigns are no longer available for any pages or major elements (i.e. logo, layout, etc.). 


  • If you would like a complete redesign of a page or any additional revisions to branding designs, they are subject to our hourly editing rate of $75.


  • As we are not coders or web developers, there are some requests we may not be able to accomodate. If this is the case, we will let you know beforehand. 


  • If you decide to independently edit or update the site, or hire someone else to make changes to the site after completion, we are not responsible for any changes or for any problems that may arise as a result of those changes.


  •  You agree to keep all trade secrets provided by NR Media confidential.


  • You agree to guarantee any creative elements used on your site posted by you are owned by you. NR Media will not be held responsible for elements furnished by you. In the same regard, you agree to hold NR Media harmless as well as protect NR Media from any claim or suit arising due to not legally sourcing content owned by someone else.


  • NR Media does not guarantee that our services will bring your website traffic or business. 


  • A footer will be added to the bottom of your site stating “Website Design by NR Media” with a link to our site. We will match the colors and design of your site. This footer can not be removed as long as your design is live.


  • Once the design is complete, you agree not to edit any of our images, branding elements, or the overall layout and design of the website as this could potentially compromise our work.

  • If you wish to have free reign to edit our design, we offer the purchase of design and branding rights from us for $3,000. This fee will make it so you can personally edit any files, request our Photoshop files, and remove our footer. We will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise in the future.

  • If we feel that the working relationship between NR Media and client is not cohesive to productivity, we reserve the right to refuse service or cancel the contract at any time. No refunds will be offered.

  • We do not offer refunds on completed sites or branding designs.


Social Media Management


  • Social media management and marketing plans often have many moving parts. We make every effort to clearly communicate via emails, content calendars, due dates, and deadlines. We ask that you monitor these calendars or refer back to original emails for any questions about specific dates, deadlines, content, ad spends, etc. prior to reaching out to us. We have busy schedules and are often juggling multiple moving parts for multiple clients.


  • Our schedules and content creation days are often set months ahead of time. The NR Media client workflow process is based in batching, and we have set days and times set aside for each client project per month. It is imperative that you adhere to any deadline and approval dates you are given. If these deadlines are missed, we are unable to accommodate requests after your deadline and content will not be created, scheduled, or posted. If you miss your monthly approval deadline, you will have to wait until your next month’s content batching day for your content to be created or scheduled. NR Media will not be held responsible for unposted or uncreated content due to your missing deadlines.


  • We are unable to accomodate for day-of requests or changes. Any updates, changes, swaps, or additions to content must be submitted in writing at least one week prior to requested change date in order to ensure we have enough time to make the requested changes and create content if necessary, if we are able to accommodate your request at all. These requests may be denied at NR Media’s discretion based on what is in the best interest of your overall social marketing goals, current campaigns, aesthetic and/or NR Media availability.


  • Once a marketing calendar has been created and approved, changes will only be made at the discretion of NR Media. Our marketing plans are carefully crafted and timed out based on your goals.


  • For social media product photography both as a standalone package and within our social media management packages, NR Media will select and deliver final monthly images based on your branding. If you would like to view a photography gallery and select final images prior to editing, full rights and usage pricing will apply. If you are a social media management client, this option will add an additional $200 to your monthly package.


  • For social media management packages, if you would like to purchase full rights and usage for your images instead of the included social media use only, your monthly pricing will increase as follows:

    • Partial Social Media Management: $200

    • Full Social Media Management: $400

  • If it is discovered that you have used images contracted for social media use only in places other than social media (for example your website, print advertising, email marketing, etc., you will be subject to charges for rights and usage per image and per day used.


  • Full and partial social media management packages have a three-month introductory contract period. Since social media marketing is a longer term strategy, we do not take on clients for a period less than that as you may not see results in only one or two months. This time period also allows us to see if we will be a good fit to continue working together on a longer term basis.


  • After the three-month introductory period for full and partial social media management packages, our contracts are renewed on a six- or twelve-month basis.

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