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Website Audit

Struggling to DIY your website? We see you, friend.

You’re on the other side of this screen exhausted but still working on your website past 10 pm for the fourth night this week, wondering what the heck to tweak next to get your site to look like that amazing vision in your head⁣….

Debating how late is too late for another coffee⁣, feeling defeated & overwhelmed as you search the internet yet again for another “how to design a website” freebie⁣….

But here’s the thing: You DESERVE a website that truly showcases how AMAZING you are & everything you have to offer!

And you DESERVE to have a website that you're PROUD to show off!⁣


Here's the deal: 

​We want to help YOU turn that DIY site of yours into a conversion-based & visually STUNNING website that attracts your ideal audience and inspires you to tell literally everyone you know about it.

And we know professional website audits can start at $500 and go up to $4,000….which can be quiteeee a bit out of reach when you’re on a tight budget, don’t you think?

And that’s why we're offering you a professional website audit for just a fraction of the cost.

So make sure you take advantage of this sweet offer before it’s gone, and click the link below to snag your professional website audit for *only* $150!

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Website Audit Testimonial.png
Website Audit Testimonial.png
Website Audit Testimonial.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions about our Website Audit:

Q: After purchasing, how long will it take to receive the audit? 

A: You can expect to receive the audit within 1 week, but likely 3-4 business days! We use that time to do a deep dive of your website including design, copy, and SEO/Google research. 

Q: How will the audit be delivered? 
A: You'll receive a link to a recorded video via email, that way you can watch it as many times as you need to in order to make the updates to transform your site!

Q: Are your website audits just for Wix or can I purchase an audit if I have a different website platform? 

A: Any website platform is fine! The best advice we can give about the actual process of making updates to your website is for Wix, but having another website platform won't decrease the value of your audit. :)

Q: If I don't have the time to make the updates myself, can I hire you to do it? 
A: Absolutely! We would love nothing more than to help you have the best website possible. 

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