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5 Benefits of Website Templates for Classical Musicians

As a classical musician, you were taught how to play scales forwards and backwards, be able to recite Bach’s birth and death dates in your sleep, and how to perform in front of a sold out audience at Carnegie Hall. But oftentimes all of those hours in the practice room don’t include how to design a website that converts visitors into gigs, bookings, or students.

For any musician who wants to have a site that’s professional but doesn’t break the bank, this is where website templates come into play! Learn about our top 7 benefits for website templates for musicians.


1. Professional Design

Your website is your online business card and it should reflect the same level of professionalism and artistry that you bring to your performances. Website templates designed specifically for classical musicians often come with elegant and polished designs that create a strong first impression. These templates, like our Artist Template and Private Music Studio template, incorporate classical aesthetics and elements such as sheet music, musical instruments, and classical color schemes, which helps translate the classical artform to your online presence.

2. Time and Cost-Efficient

Creating a custom website from scratch can be a time-consuming and costly process (unless you are looking for something unique and that’s completely done-for-you). Website templates, on the other hand, offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution. This is a huge reason why we use Wix for our website templates because we’ve found that Wix is incredibly user friendly whether you’re tech savvy or not! In fact, we’ve found that most folks who purchase our templates can have them live within 1 week! Think of all the time you spent procrastinating designing your website (don’t worry, we’ve all been there) – just think of how relieved you’d feel after finishing your website in just one week! Pretty great, right?

3. User-Friendly and Responsive

In this digital age, many users access websites on various devices in addition to desktop computers. Our website templates include a custom tutorial showing you how to edit not just the desktop view, but the mobile view, too! According to Oberlo, as of August 2023, 32.23% of the total web visits are currently mobile which means that making sure all versions of your website are optimized.

4. Built-In Features

Website templates for classical musicians are different than a generic website template because musicians have a very specific set of skills that need to be showcased and different features for performances/services that need to be advertised. When looking for a website template for musician, be sure to find one that includes event calendars, music players for video and audio, and a place for clients to book the musician for performances. Remember, we want our website to work for us that is catered to our respective needs and offerings.

5. Easy Customization

While website templates provide a pre-designed structure, they also allow for extensive customization. You can personalize your website to match your unique style and brand, making it stand out in the crowded online space! This includes being able to customize colors, fonts, images, and content to create a website that truly represents you as a classical musician.


If you’re looking for a website template that’s specifically tailored to performing musicians, shop out our Artist Template here!

If you’re looking for a website template that’s specifically tailored to private music studios, shop our studio template here!


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