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With the help of industry experts, authors, thought leaders, influencers, coaches, and visionaries, we’re empowering you with the information and resources you need to increase your impact and income!

If you are a coach, course creator, consultant, creative, or small business owner, this event was created specifically with YOU in mind!


Learn From the Best in the Industry

Our expert lineup has been hand-selected to arm you with the strategies and resources you need during this time. Their advice is based on years of experience and will give you actionable steps so you can begin implementing and creating change right away!


This Event is Completely Free

Gaining access to the insights and education provided by these experts would normally set you back hundreds of dollars. However, in this time of need, we have come together to empower you with the education you need to survive this crisis, and set up your future with a sustainable pathway to consistent income!


Watch From Anywhere, Anytime

Keep your social distance by learning from the comfort of your own home. Each session has been pre-recorded and will be immediately accessible upon registration! The summit will be available to watch (and re-watch) at your convenience until 11:59 PM CST on April 30th, 2022.

Nicole Riccardo.jpeg

NICOLE RICCARDO (she/her) | Founder & President, NR Media, Business Coach + Marketing Strategist

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Digital Course Creators Make (& How to Avoid Them)

Flutist turned digital marketer, Nicole Riccardo is the Founder & President of NR Media. After working with multi-million dollar business and gaining 10 years of experience in the field, Nicole’s mission is to empower other musicians, creatives, and freelancers with the business + digital marketing know-how they need in order to create a career doing what they love!

Jolene Madewell.jpg

JOLENE MADEWELL (she/her) | Brand & Graphic Designer for NR Media

Putting Your Branding To Work: Memorability, Trust, + Efficiency

Jolene Madewell is a flutist, teacher, and team member of NR Media, offering branding and graphic design and photography for creatives. Her mission in music and teaching is uncovering Effortless Playing Through Self-Awareness, sharing insights on compassionate self-improvement, practicing with intention, and teaching with awareness. Jolene shares her teaching online via YouTube, Instagram, and her blog, Practice Room Revelations, and teaches private lessons online and in Austin, TX.

Taylor Rossi.jpeg

TAYLOR ROSSI (she/her) | Web Designer for NR Media

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Keeping Your Website From Converting

Taylor Rossi is a Boston-based Web Designer, Social Media Brand Manager for NR Media, and Portrait Photographer. She believes in using digital wellness to help musicians and creatives grow their businesses with mindfulness and intention.

Sam Grossman.png

SAM GROSSMAN (she/her) | Conversion Copywriter & Team Project Manager for NR Media

Conversion Copywriting Secrets: How to convert your email subscribers into loyal buyers.

Sam is NR Media's Conversion Copywriter & Team Project Manager. When she's not writing social media, website, or email copy for creatives, you can find her curled up with a good book at the nearest cat café.

Rachel Morgan.jpeg

RACHEL MORGAN (she/her) | Sales Trainer & Coach

5 Ways to Standout Using Customer Experience to Retain Clients and Increase Sales

Rachel Morgan is a Sales Trainer who works with individuals and organizations to help them convert their leads into paying clients without wasting time. Before becoming a Sales Trainer, Rachel worked in professional sales and coaching for a combined 12 years, mostly within the fine jewelry industry. Throughout the years, she worked as a Store Manager where she managed her own team of 8-16, coached them how to sell and retain clients using client experience strategies, taught onboarding at a corporate level, and mentored managers 1:1 how to run their stores. One common theme she continued to notice was that sales felt uncomfortable and sleazy for many. So in 2020, she left the world of fine jewelry, created her own business, and made it her mission to take the anxiety out of sales and make it fun again.

Shanley Lewis.jpeg

SHANLEY LEWIS (she/her) | Selfcare, Mindset Coach, Psychological Therapist, Biz Mentor, & Founder of Good To Me

Less Hustle, More Chill

Shanley Lewis is a Self-care & Mindset Coach, Psychological Therapist and Founder of Good to Me. Helping business owners, coaches and creatives to regularly look after their Mental Wellbeing, make time for self-care, and prioritise themselves within their busy lives so they can serve at their best and avoid burnout.

Madison Tinder.jpeg

MADISON TINDER (she/her) | Marketing Coach

Navigating Business As A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Madison is a marketing & business mentor who specializes in helping multi-passionate entrepreneurs grow, scale, and expand their businesses. She loves helping women monetize their passions without putting themselves in a box. She is also the owner of Soulful Scrunchies and Soulful Select Retreats.

Tracy Glasco.jpeg

TRACY GLASCO (she/her) | Business Coach and Marketing Strategist

Marketing Analysis: How to know what’s missing in your strategy

Tracy is a 7 figure photographer and creative entrepreneur. She has grown two six figure businesses while working less than 20 hours a week and traveling the country with her fiancé.

ID1: Katherine sits facing the camera and smiling in a snowy scene. She is a Caucasion woman with long dark hair and glasses. She is wearing red pants, a white graphic t-shirt, a gray blazer, and snazzy black shoes.

KATHERINE LEWIS (she/her) | Inclusive Business Consultant

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Accessible Business Design

Katherine is an inclusive business consultant and accessibility expert. After disability ended her classical music career, she worked in a variety of creative spaces, each sharing one theme: they were wildly inaccessible. Particularly in the digital market, Katherine saw an opportunity to impact meaningful change. She began coaching others to leverage the power of accessible design to build business strategies that align with their values, serve their communities more fully, and have the impact they deserve. Today, she works to empower compassionate small business owners and entrepreneurs to finally build and grow their business inclusively - while generating the revenue they need to thrive. She approaches business strategy from the lens of intersectional access - because creating spaces and experiences that are accessible for ALL people is the key to building a truly human-centered business.

Kristie Plantinga

KRISTIE PLANTINGA, MA (she/her) | TherapieSEO Founder

How SEO Can Transform Your Online Business

After working in the digital marketing industry for a few years, Kristie Plantinga decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for mental health and wellness by founding TherapieSEO, an SEO consultancy and agency for therapists and coaches. When she's not doing SEO, content marketing, or email marketing, Kristie can be found sipping homemade dirty chai and snuggling her rescue terrier Winston.


JESSICA SEALEY (she/her) | Sales Mentor + Leadership Coach

Thought Leadership Content To Drive Sales

Jessica Sealey is a Sales Mentor + Leadership Coach on a mission to build financially independent leaders who make a wild income + impact in their online communities typically through high-ticket sales + scaling!

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